Sporting Events Going Live

Sporting Events Going Live - Brylee Kemper

  As winter sporting events at Mid-Buchanan start to emerge, Ms. Phillips’ class is trying to find a way for the fans that wish to watch the games or matches live on their smartphones or televisions. Ms. Phillips had her students research and learn about the different ways people livestream. The class looked at social media accounts like Facebook as an option, but the students and teacher did not like how you had to get a social media account that had a timeline or feed in order to watch the event.

  The class picked the application they are going to use to broadcast; YouTube Live. The class chose YouTube Live because if a person wanted to watch a game or match, he would not need to create a social media account that had a news feed like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. YouTube Live is also free for users to watch but will have a way viewers can donate money for the class to use to get better equipment. Right now, the class will be using a tablet to use as a camera. In the multimedia class, students who are not in a winter sport activity will help during the event. They will be in charge of commentating the game or match if and when they are available! The rest of the class will help with creating pregame videos or interviewing coaches and players that they will post on their YouTube page.

  To create a YouTube account, all you need is an email and a password and you are ready to start watching! The class will have a Twitter and Facebook account to post about the upcoming event and provide a link to the games or matches, however Ms. Phillips wishes to have a permanent link on the school website that people can click on when they are looking for the live game without needing a social media account.