Reward Program Starts for JH Students

Reward Program Starts for Junior High Students - by Brandon Martin

  The junior high teachers decided to start a program for their students that lets them do different activities based on their behavior in class, showing up in time for class, not missing work, and the amount of hall passes the student uses. There are three different levels that the students can achieve: Gold, Silver, and Orange.

  For the students to achieve the Gold level, they need to have used 6 passes or fewer during the quarter and have all A’s and B’s. If the students receive the Gold level, they can have a ‘Gold Rush’ party, which is a party during study hall in which the students can have either have free time, computer time, or play a board game. They can also get an ice cream day once per quarter plus all of the silver rewards. If the students are Gold level for the whole year, they would be able to get a pizza party.

  For the students who want to achieve the Silver level, they would either use 7 to 12 passes or have multiple C’s on their quarterly report card. For the silver level, students are able to be dismissed 5 minutes early for lunch on Fridays. They would also be able to get a ‘Heavy Metal’ party which is similar to the Gold level’s ‘Gold Rush’ party. The students will also be able to attend an assembly during the quarter.

   Finally, the third level is called the Orange level. This is the lowest level available for the students. For this, the student would have used 13 or more passes or the student has a D or an F for a grade. If they achieve the Orange level, they are only allowed to attend academic assemblies and events. They also have to discuss a plan with the counselor or their study hall teacher on how to improve their grades. The students would have to write their plan on a piece of paper and look at it bi-weekly.